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    Bounty Hunter Special Marquee  Robert Lanthier in a familiar pose.

Photos by Danny "Ramblin' Jack" O'Connell

Fans of the famed bounty hunter can now purchase their own authentic reproduction of the famous "Mare's Laig".  This Winchester "handgun" was given this unusual name because it was said to, "kick at both ends."  The name "Mare's Laig" was used only once on the TV series "Trackdown" with Robert Culp.  Steve McQueen was introduced as the "Bounty Hunter" in a 1957 episode of "Trackdown".  Then, from 1958 to 1961 this Bounty Hunter strolled the boardwalk, stopping at the local sheriff's office, and tears  down the wanted poster of a major desperado.  The poster usually read, "WANTED - DEAD OR ALIVE" and offered a hefty reward for the return of a wanted criminal.

We welcome your interest in the most famous firearm and holster in the history of TV westerns.  EAGLE SQUADRON PRODUCTIONS  is proud to offer the Bounty Hunter Special.  Authentic Winchester Model 1892 carbines (1892-1941) are made into replicas of the famous western series sidearm used from 1958 through 1961.  There were three original "Mare's Laigs" used in the series.  And, one of these has been purchased for as much as $65,000!  Many have written us to say, "that was my favorite show as a kid" or, "after 50 years... finally, someone is making these" or, "all my life I've wanted one of these... now I can get one!"  A few have wanted to buy one of these originals from us.  Unfortunately, one is in the Gene Autry Museum and the remaining two are privately owned.  However, the value we offer in our Bounty Hunter Special is equally as pleasing, more cost effective, and much easier to obtain. 

We have faithfully crafted our Mares Laig from authentic Winchester '92 carbines… the only kind used by Steve McQueen in the show.  Further, Steve McQueen, Chuck Connors, and John Wayne all used these authentic Winchester '92 carbines made from 1892 to 1941.  Therefore, we would never compromise the quality or authenticity of our creations by using cheaper foreign imports.  Even our hand-crafted leather holsters are carefully made to faithfully match the originals used on the set.  As our reference for the Mares Laig, we took apart one of the original three used on the show.  And, we were able to recreate the large finger lever ring, butt plate, and other parts to the same precision as the original studio design.  Others may claim to offer “authentic” reproductions.  However, to our knowledge Eagle Squadron Productions is your only source for a faithful and accurate rendition of these famous firearms!!!


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As you can see in the photo above, there were two different versions used in the show.  The early version consisted of the round barrel and the larger "D" ring finger lever.  The later version consisted of an octagon barrel, a specially crafted front barrel band, a tear-drop finger lever, and a special "duck-billed fanning hammer" redesigned by the actor in order to rapidly fan the weapon and not tear-up his left hand.  The holster is hand-crafted to match the original studio design.  And, we custom make each belt to the size you specify along with real (though non-firing) 45-70 caliber cartridges.  Even though this gun was designed to fire 44-40 caliber ammunition, the studio chose to use 45-70's for a better visual impact on the show.  Should you prefer to have 44-40 caliber cartridge loops in your belt, we will be happy to make this adjustment at no additional cost to you.  However, this adjustment will not include any 44-40 caliber cartridges. 

42 out of 50 U.S. States allow possession of a fully functional version of the "Mare's Laig" that fires live 44-40 caliber ammunition.  You must register such a version with the B.A.T.F. (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) for a one-time registration fee of $200.00 because the barrel length is under the Federal minimum of 16-inches.  Currently, there are 8 States that do not allow possession of our fully functional version.  They are WA, IL, CA, NY, NJ, CT, RI, & DE.  Non-firing /non-functional versions do not require B.A.T.F. registration.

Should you decide to order a "Mare's Laig" from us, we will need two measurements from you.  Please let us know what waist size to make your belt.   Your measurement should include the circumference around your trousers and belt (note how our model is wearing his).

Also, 15-inches down from the top of your trouser belt, measure around your leg for the holster leg-strap.  Left-handed guns and holsters are available without additional cost.

Imagine, out of the millions of people that fondly remember this show, only a certified 500 individuals will own one of these famous "Mare's Laigs".  With each purchase we provide a numbered certificate of authenticity and a high quality glossy 5x7 photo of the Bounty Hunter.

Among the TV Western legends of the past and present, James Drury (The Virginian) and Don Durant (Johnny Ringo), are proud to own one of our "Mare's Laigs".  

The Early Version of the "Mare's Laig" with the round barrel and large "D" ring finger lever is priced at $2,850.00 USD ($45.00 shipping & handling in the continental United States).

Our Late Version of the "Mare's Laig", with the octagonal barrel and "Tear-drop" finger lever, is priced at $3,100.00 USD ($45.00 shipping & handling in the continental United States).


For those fans that would like to have "close to the real thing", we have another "Mare's Laig" called the JR Special.  This showroom quality replica has the look and feel of our Bounty Hunter Special without the costs involved from customizing an authentic Winchester carbine.  It is incapable of firing and difficult to distinguish from our certified product.  The JR Special includes our non-firing replica and a customized belt with holster.  Sorry, because we have not limited the production of the JR Special, certificates of authenticity will not be issued for them.  These are original fabrications of Eagle Squadron Productions and are not made from real Winchesters or any real facsimile of the famous Model 92 rifles.  Yet, for "handling purposes" they look very real.  There are no B.A.T.F. registration requirements and they can be sold in all 50 States.  They are also available for world-wide distribution.  

We sell the JR Special for $950.00 U.S. Dollars ($45.00 shipping & handling in the continental United States).


The Bounty Hunter Special has been featured in the following magazines:

  • Guns & Ammo Annual

  • Guns

  • Guns of the Old West

  • Gun World

  • Shoot Magazine (Vol. 26, Jan - Feb 2004)

The Bounty Hunter Special is a division of Eagle Squadron Productions.   We are located in Burbank, California.  Eagle Squadron Productions is owned and operated by Robert Lanthier.  Mr. Lanthier is the master craftsman behind all Eagle Squadron creations.  He is proud to be an American Air Force Veteran and Life Member of the National Rifle Association. 





Three Seasons (the complete series)

in their original sequence.     


All 94 Episodes from 1958 through 1961.


$59.95 + $7.50  S&H (in U.S.A.)




John Wayne - American

Still admired by millions to many all over the world, John "The Duke" Wayne symbolizes
what it means to be an American!  And now, Eagle Squadron Productions is very proud
to offer beautifully hand-crafted replicas made from original classic Winchester Model '92 
44-40 carbine rifles.  Our customized rifles are fully functional "shooting" versions
that are virtually identical to those originally used by The Duke in several of his motion pictures. 
For example, the finger-levers for each rifle are unique to each of his western films. 
We are pleased to add four of his memorable rifles to our collection -- maybe you will be too!

We have priced our "Duke Specials" at $2,650 each (plus shipping). 

Duke Special and JW rifles

AND... we also make a non-firing version of John Wayne's famous Winchester.  The  
"JW" looks and feels just like the full firing original.  The smooth working lever action
and even the weight of the rifle are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.  We
priced the "JW" at $850 (plus shipping).








For information about acquiring any of these finely crafted replicas, please contact us at one of the following:

Email: info@EagleSquadron.net

Telephone: 818-395-5020


Chuck Connors   The famous rifleman's rifle  

We are also very fond of another great TV westerner - Chuck Connors. 
However, most of you probably know him better as Lucas McCain - The Rifleman. 
Eagle Squadron Productions
is now pleased to offer this famous "rifleman's" rifle in a fully functional "shooting" version. 


We use ONLY original Winchester Model 1892 rifles... just like the ones used by Chuck Connors.

Made from carefully restored original antiques this beautiful rifle can be yours for $2650 (plus shipping).



We are proud to add, The Paladin, to our collection.  This magnificent Winchester Model 1892 44-40 Carbine is a 16-inch barrel "Trapper" version just like the one used by "the man dressed in black."  Each rifle includes the famous chess knight pieces found on both sides of the wood stock.  These chess pieces are made from the original molds designed by Arvo Ojala (Hollywood Technical Gun Coach for many years).  This rifle is favored by many fans of the show.  Eagle Squadron Productions will manufacture and certify only 100 of these historical masterpieces from the Golden Era of TV Westerns. 

And, we are very pleased to offer this famous rifle in a fully functional "shooting" version. 

We use ONLY original Winchester Model 1892 rifles... just like the one used by Richard Boone.

Made from carefully restored original antiques this beautiful rifle can be yours for $3600 (plus shipping).



Eagle Squadron Productions is very proud to present a new addition to our famous rifles.  Based on an original Winchester Model 1892 we have created a whole new 44-40 .cal Carbine "Trapper" version we call the Dakota Ranger!

Three years ago we made five of these unique rifles for friends.  Although the Winchester company never made such a carbine rifle it was so popular we decided to produce a limited number of 100 for interested collectors.  We cut down original Winchester Octagon rifle barrels to the 16-inch "Trapper" version (notice the inset in the picture above).  And, even though Winchester never envisioned this configuration, we have carefully crafted a new Octagon barrel band and a forend band for this "new" antique Winchester style.  Collectors of antique Winchester Model 1892 long guns will want to add the Dakota Ranger to compliment their collection.

Eagle Squadron's DAKOTA RANGER,

based on a Winchester "Trapper" Carbine, can be yours for

$3100 (plus shipping). 



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